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The Himalayas span 3000 kms across the northern boundary of India…..

Originating  in the east from a knot between Myanmar,  China and India,  the Himalayan chain continues to the border of Bhutan. Beyond that lies Sikkim, home to many peaks . The Himalayan range west of Sikkim forms part of Nepal until you reach the border of Uttarakhand , which hosts many major peaks , including the Nanda Devi. From here the Indian Himalayan chain continues without a break through Himachal Pradesh  Ladakh and finally  Kashmir .

About Munsiyari

-Nestling  on the tip of India’s northern state of Uttarakhand , with Tibet bordering in the north and Nepal in the east , is a remote  Himalayan town that offers a panoramic  view of some of the world’s most magnificent peaks . 

Amidst  thickly wooded forests interspersed with several waterfalls  , and a northern skyline silhouetted by the majestic Panch Chulli mountains which tower above 6900 meters  in front against the back drop of the greater Himalayas …are some of the attractions that make  Munsiyari  a very special place in the Indian Himalaya .

In and around Munsiyari

The journey itself to this “last frontier”   is packed with excitement : along the route are some of the best waterfalls of the region. 
The valley is dotted by quaint hamlets with a cultural life style steeped in tradition and simplicity.
Almost every village surrounding Munsiyari town is rich with traditional handicrafts – hand woven carpets , pashmina shawls , sheep wool blankets , wooden artifacts etc.
For the local tribal inhabitants of this frontier settlement   Munsiyari  represents  the “place of snow “ .  Surrounded by high snow caped mountains and several glacial springs , the small town of  Munsiyari ,at an altitude of 2200 metres, is also the gateway to the famous Milam , Ralam and Pachu  glaciers . It is also the only access to one of India’s highest mountain – Nanda Devi East (7700 metres ) .
Traditional folk dances like the Jhora, Cholia , and Chhapelli are great to watch. Being a border town Munsiyari was “out of bounds” to most tourists until the mid 1990s . During the past few years it has gained in popularity and is almost a “must visit” destination in the Indian Himalaya. For people in search of high adventure , It is the starting point for some of the best high altitude treks that are listed in the Lonely Planet!